Industrial Printing Services

Large format printer enables printing individual logos, texts or markings for industrial applications. For instance, windshields of vehicles are an excellent application to utilize the printing services.

Flatbed printer is an excellent platform to mark industrial products. However it can be also used to implement entirely new products. Prototypes or short batches can be produced quickly and cost-effectively. Large batches can be produced effectively.

Ricoh Pro T7210 UV LED flatbed printer

Our printing services utilize Ricoh Pro T7210 fladbed printer. The platform is suitable for applications that require, in addition to a wide range of substrates, a flexible ink with excellent adhesive properties. Ricoh Pro T7210 has high efficiency, the maximum speed is upto 100 sq/m h. The printing area is 2,100 mm x 3,200 mm.

The effectiveness and quality of printing white ink enable high-quality printing to plastic materials. The flatbed printer can print to demanding plastic applications upto a thickness of 110 mm. Ricoh's UV ink is designed to meet the individual requirements of customers. The ink is flexible and it fastens well to printing surfaces.

Industrial applications

  • logos and pictures
  • texts and series of numbers
  • screening
  • shadings
  • upgrading plexiglasses
  • ice hockey rinks

Advantages of digital printing

Digital printing has many advantages. For instance, small series can be produced cost-effectively with the large format printer. Production of zero series and prototypes is quick and flexible. This allows testing the product before the actual batch.

In addition, one of the great advantages of digital printing is the ability to add individualizing information to products, such as series with consecutive numbering. Similarly, a different name can be printed to each product easily.

Ricoh Pro T7210 flatbed printer provides high printing quality. The large size of the printing table enables printing to large plastic products based on customer's requirements. For example industrial markings can be printed to customer's existing plastic products. This requires that the plastic product has a flat surface and a suitable plastic material for industrial printing purposes.

Suitable printing materials

Versatile plastic materials are suitable for a printing surface of the flatbed printer. For example, optical plastics, volume plastics, and composite materials are all suitable choices for printing. Printing material selection is based on customer's individual requirements and specific features of an industrial application. Aikolon's area sales managers help you to select the suitable plastic material for your application.

Commonly used plastic materials