Bent and moulded plastic products

With thermoforming, thermoplastic is first heated to its forming temperature and the desired shape is then produced with a mould. Thermoforming is typically used to produce small batches, from single pieces to runs of a few hundred items.

Thermoforming encompasses a number of methods, for the production of diverse plastic parts. With thermoforming, the desired shape can be achieved by heating a plastic sheet until it becomes pliable and then bending it or shaping it in a mould.

For best results, the production method should be selected during the product’s design stage. Our staff are happy to help you determine the most appropriate thermoforming method for your product.

Factors influencing the choice of the thermoforming method

  • qualities required of the finished product
  • product dimensions
  • shape of the product
  • batch size

We use the following thermoforming equipment

  • benders with foil profiles
  • bender with wire
  • a water thermoforming machine
  • ovens of various sizes
  • blasting equipment