Rail transport industry

SFS-EN 45545-2-approved materials and plastics most commonly used in rail transport

Aikolon supplies plastic and composite materials for the rail transport industry as sheets and as products made to specifications.

Materials used in passenger rail transport operations must be approved in accordance with fire safety standard EN 45545-2. Aikolon’s product range includes several materials that meet the requirements set in this directive.

In Finland, the European fire safety standard has been implemented as a national standard under the name SFS-EN 45545-2. SFS has published it in Finnish. The European standard has replaced national standards in all EU and EFTA member states.

In other rail transport operations, plastics are used for applications such as linings and wear protection in open wagons.

Applications of rail safety-compliant plastics

In rail transport, plastics and composite materials are typically used in furnishings and furniture, seats, partition walls, illuminated signs and advertising boards, luminaire diffusers and dashboards. Below we list some of the most commonly used materials and their applications.

Trains, trams and metro trains

Interior surfaces ALUCOBOND®A2, ALUCORE®
tables / furniture ALUCOBOND®A2, ALUCORE®, KAPA®tech
backing films Maywoflamm®ABS 1631, Simona®PC FR Rail
tray tables Maywoflamm®ABS 1631, Simona®PC FR Rail, ALUCOBOND®A2
slide blocks PE 7000 FRAS, Tecamid 6 FRT
seat frames ALUCOBOND®A2, ALUCORE®
partition walls ALUCORE®
illuminated signs and advertising boards Makrolon®FR clear 099, Makrolon®FR DX 139
luminaire diffusers Makrolon®FR DX 139
dashboards ALUCOBOND®A2, ALUCORE®, Maywoflamm®ABS 1631, Simona®PC FR Rail
open cargo wagons PE1000, PE1000R, PE1000Mos², PE1000 PROTECT, Wefapress Flex Wear

Fire safety requirements have been set for rail vehicle furnishing, materials and components. Standard EN 45545-2 specifies the requirements set for materials and the related fire tests.

EN 45545-2-approved and most commonly used materials in rail transport: