CNC machining

Machining of plastics with CNC machines

Aikolon’s main processing method is CNC machining. The company has more than ten 3, 4 and 5-axis CNC machines of various sizes and types.

CNC machines are used to manufacture a wide range of parts, from plastic sheets and rods to products according to customers’ specifications. Our machines enable the 3D processing of sheets of up to 1,000 mm in thickness. We can process pieces of up to 2,300 x 8,000 in size with 3D machining methods with a single attachment point. We work with all plastic types, from basic plastics to composite materials.

3-axis CNC machining

  • for processing flat pieces
  • 5 three-axis machines
  • movement range extending to X 3,500, Y 2,200, Z 200 (2,300 × 8,000 mm)
  • automated sheet feed-in
  • plastic sheets fixed to the table by a vacuum
  • also, nesting and unmanned operation with large tables

4- and 5-axis CNC machining

  • 3D pieces and challenging processing of sheets
  • two four-axis machines, one of which is vertical and the other horizontal, with an automated pallet changer and the capacity for drilling 800 mm deep holes
  • five five-axis machines
  • movement range extending to X 8,000, Y 2,300, Z 600 mm and to X 3,500, Y 2,200, Z 1,000 mm
  • robot-assisted
  • pieces fixed to the table by a vacuum or mechanical means

Automated lathing centre with a bar feeder

  • with two chucks and rotary tools
  • bar capacity of 102 mm
  • maximum lathing diameter of 420 mm
  • a between-chuck-jaw distance of 1,611 mm
  • robot-assisted