CNC machining

Machining of plastics with CNC machines

Aikolon Group’s main processing method is CNC machining. The company has more than a dozen three-, four-, and five-axis CNC machines, of various types and sizes.

CNC machines are used to manufacture a wide range of parts to customers’ specifications. The sheets for machining can extend to more than 800 mm in thickness and have a maximum size of 2,300 × 8,000 mm. We work with all plastic types, from basic plastics to composite materials.

A three-axis CNC milling machine

  • for working with flat items
  • movement range extending to X 3,050, Y 2,050, Z 100 (2,300 × 8,000 mm)
  • sheets attached to the table by a vacuum
  • also, nesting and unmanned operation with large tables

Four- and five-axis CNC machining

  • production of 3D items and challenging sheet machining
  • movement ranges extending to X 8,000, Y 2,300, Z 600
  • sheets attached to the table mechanically or by a vacuum

An automatic lathe with a bar feeder

  • with two chucks and rotary tools
  • bar capacity of 102 mm
  • maximum lathing diameter of 420 mm
  • a between-chuck-jaw distance of 1,611 mm