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Customer’s needs are listened and met with particular expertise. Problem-solving skills.

Elina Villikari

Robust expertise and stamina to solve the manufacture of a difficult component.

Hannu Putkinen
Multibit Oy

“Aikolon keeps abreast of the latest developments in its field, has cutting-edge machinery and offers quick and reliable deliveries. Collaboration with us can be challenging because our projects are typically realised to a very tight schedule. And because we mainly work with export projects, it is essential that the content of the deliveries is correct.”

Tuomo Hyvärinen

Raita Sport Oy

Delivery schedules are reliable also in quick deliveries.

Heidi Vähätalo
Uudenkaupungin työvene Oy

Friendly service with strong expertise. Customer is listened. Delivery schedule works as agreed.

Kari Virtanen
Kaptas Oy

“I particularly appreciate Aikolon’s expertise in technical plastics and the materials they work with in general. Another characteristic I appreciate is their flexibility – we can always discuss matters with them and come to a solution. These are the two main things for us.”

Juha Huttunen

Planmed Oy


Our popular training courses are tailored to your needs and help broaden your knowledge of plastics and bring it up to date.