Material selection

Semi-finished plastic products, such as plastic sheets, bars and pipes, are used as material in machining and thermoforming. Hundreds of different plastics and alloyed materials are available on the market. Materials must be selected on the basis of the application requirements.

In a high-quality material recommendation, the existing information is compared with technical data and industry-specific empirical values. First, the most suitable plastic material and starting product (sheet, bar or pipe) are determined for the application. After that, the suitability of the material is verified with calculations.

Finally, the choice of the plastic material is verified with practical tests or simulations, when possible.

Plastics offer several commonly known benefits:

  • lightness
  • corrosion resistance
  • suitability for a wide range of machining methods
  • energy-efficiency
  • cost-efficiency

We have prepared a guide on how to choose the correct plastic

Download our clearly presented guide and increase your knowledge of plastics to ensure you always select the correct material.
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Material selection

Material selection