The pulp and paper industry

Plastic materials for the pulp and paper industry

Plastic component solutions tailored for the forest industry

Our in-house production plant and smoothly running warehouse facilities guarantee that we can make quick and reliable deliveries to customers without compromising on quality. We supply plastic sheets and rods for various industrial sectors.

We work with the leading material and solution supplier in the field. Materials delivered by us have been used in industry for decades, so we can be sure that they function well in practice, with excellent properties.

Using products that are made from a suitable material is essential in the paper industry.


  • excellent sliding characteristics
  • less wear to the wire section
  • good wear resistance
  • low levels of water absorption
  • high chemical resistance
  • high impact strength

Typical materials

Overview of the products

Aikolon Pulp & paper esimerkkilinjasto

1. Manifold and turbulence generator

2. Diffuser section made from PE-UHMW and other materials

3. Forming board foils and other foils

4. Foil blades and turbulence blades

5. Individual foils

6. Suction box lids, foils, and seals

7. Suction-flatbox lids

8. Suction roll sealing elements and accessories

9. Felt cleaner lids

10. Doctor blades

11. Gear units and drive wheels

12. Edge suction control

13. Edge control

14. Wire edge lifter


Round manifolds

One of the main products we manufacture is perforated plates for round manifolds. Aikolon is one of the few companies capable of producing solid perforated plates with a diameter of up to 2,400 mm and a thickness of 200 mm. The surface quality of the holes is as great as roughness value Ra 0.4.


  • Billets for manifolds are produced with cutting-edge machinery, which can create a force of up to 60 kg/cm2
  • Manifolds are available in lengths of up to 10,250 mm and with thicknesses as great as 200 mm (without a welding seam). Larger items can be formed by welding pieces together. Our manifold holes have a surface quality of Ra 0.4–0.8
  • We supply bushings for manifolds in various materials, including PA (polyamide), POM (polyacetal) and PE (polyethylene).

Dewatering foils

  • Aikolon supplies dewatering foils with excellent wear-resistance properties and smooth surfaces. The foils also have good sliding characteristics With these foils, the wires and felt are subjected to less wear, and their service lives are longer than with foils made from PE 1000.
  • All our products are machined from material produced via pressing. This enables us to eliminate internal tensions in the material, which results in better dimensional accuracy than that achieved with extruded materials.

Forming-board foils

  • foils of consistent quality without welding seams in lengths of up to 10 m
  • dirt-repellent materials
  • properties that protect the wires from wear
  • even water removal in the vertical direction
  • no effects of UV radiation on the material’s properties
  • suitability for forming into any shape.

Foil blades

Thanks to our continuous development work, we can offer materials with extremely high resistance to wear. For example, foil blades made from CeramX can be subjected to speeds of 1,000 m/min, which makes them an excellent alternative to expensive ceramic blades.

Turbulence generators

Turbulence generators are used to create strong turbulent effects in the paper machine’s headbox. This improves the formation of the paper and enhances its appearance. In addition, the resulting even distribution of fibres facilitates the drying of paper in the drying section.

Suction box covers

We supply high-quality covers for suction boxes, tailored to our customers’ needs. Thanks to our state-of-the-art CNC machines, we can manufacture precisely dimensioned suction-box lids in lengths of up to 10 m. For such applications, we recommend using CeramX and PE 1000 MoS2 as the material.

Uhle box covers

With the use of wear-resistant materials (such as PE 1000 MoS2), the service life of the Uhle box cover can be double that of covers made from standard PE materials. Plastics are easy to process, and the material costs remain considerably lower than with ceramics.

Adjustable cover insulation elements

We supply a host of adjustable insulation elements, which protect the cover edges from wear.

Deckle straps

We supply a wide range of edge control elements, to meet our customers’ specific needs.

Suction roll seals

Developed by Wefapress, FlexGuard is a mixture of rubber and graphite that is used as the raw material for suction roll seals. It offers numerous benefits:

  • reduced noise levels
  • imperviousness to water absorption
  • no use of asbestos
  • optimal protection for the roll shell, even in dry runs
  • a low coefficient of friction
  • low energy consumption
  • being less brittle and more easily handled than other graphite-based seals
  • a long service life when handled appropriately

Doctor blades

  • We manufacture plastic doctor blades for wire and press sections. We supply the material either as cut-to-size products or in rolls.
  • Materials: ST 1000, PS 1000, or Ceradur. Colours: Black, white, and yellow. Resistance to temperatures of up to 80 °C.
  • Extremely high resistance to chemicals. No absorption of water. The standard thicknesses are 6.0 and 8.0 mm, while the standard widths are 50, 75, 100 and 120 mm
  • Materials in other thicknesses and widths are made to order.

Gearwheels and drive wheels

We manufacture an extensive range of gear units. Plastics with specific properties are used in a paper machine’s drying section because the components in this section are exposed to high temperatures and considerable mechanical stresses.

Wire section edge lifters

We provide wire edge lifters in a range of lengths that extend to one metre.

Chain guides

In the paper and pulp industry, chain guides are used as slide parts in conveyors that transfer rolls and bales.