General Conditions of Sale


Machining: SFS-EN 22768-m/medium-coarse till +/- 0,2 mm.
Semi-finished products: According to the specification of the manufacturer.
Thermoforming: Must be agreed individually.
Sawing: SFS-EN 22786-c/coarse till +/- 1 mm, other wise can be agreed upon.

NOTE! Deflections and flatness changes due to the construction of the product according to the customer's drawing are not covered by the warranty.


Information required for quotation and manufacturing

Customer provides a 3D-file and pdf-scale including specific information for offer calculation. The information contains materials, dimensions, tolerances, surface qualities and other specific details relevant for the manufacturing. If the required 3D-files for manufacturing are not delivered, the programming costs will be charged separately. Changes in materials, dimensions, tolerances, or surface qualities may affect the price of the product.

Instruments, moulds, and jigs

Instruments, moulds, and jigs used in a manufacturing process are owned by Aikolon Oy, however, the customer has a license to use them. If the product manufacturing ceases or is relocated, the license expires. These specific costs charged from the customer are one-time excluding changes that are revisions at the request of the customer. Aikolon Oy will not use specific instruments charged from the customer to manufacture products to third parties.

Manufacturing costs

In case the manufacturing costs increase more than 3 % compared to the date of offer, the manufacturer is entitled to check the price. Changes in materials or technical requirements may affect the prices and we retain the license to make changes in prices.

In other respects, we comply to the Orgalime S2021 General Conditions.


We reserve the permission to deliver machined components in maximum +10 % from the ordered volume without separate agreements. Different mode of operations must be agreed with a sales representative of Aikolon Oy.

Pick-up orders will be invoiced on the agreed delivery date. We will store invoiced pick-up orders in our warehouse a maximum of 30 days. During this time, the pick-up orders must be collected.

In other respect, we comply to the Orgalime S2012, in terms of machined components. Link below.


We comply to the Orgalime S2012.

Paper invoices include an invoice fee of 6,00 euros (VAT 0 %). Digital invoicing information can be informed to .

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