Aikolon Oy supplies plastic sheets and bars for various construction and industrial applications.

As in-house production, we manufacture plastic components and products in accordance with our customers’ drawings using mechanical machining and thermoforming methods..

Our customers include machine and device manufacturers, process industry operators and their subcontractors, and construction companies.

We offer support and assistance throughout the product’s life cycle, from design to production and product development.

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Downloadable materials

  • A Guide to Selecting Plastic Materials

    A Guide to Selecting Plastic Materials

    In this guide:

    • You gain benefits of 12-point selection method.
    • You learn to make plastic material selection in a systematic way.
    • You start to make better and more succesful plastic material choices.

    Download guide

  • Pulp and Paper Industry Guide

    Pulp and Paper Industry Guide

    With this guide:

    • You learn about plastic solutions for the pulp and paper industry.
    • You become familiar with the plastic materials suitable for the industry.
    • You learn about the applications of the most common plastic in the industry.

    Download guide

  • Maritime Transport Industry Guide

    Maritime Transport Industry Guide

    In this guide:

    • You learn plastic and composite solutions for maritime transport industry.
    • You familiriaze with suitable plastic and composite materials for the industry.
    • You get familiar with the most general targets of application of plastics and composites.

    Download guide

  • Aikon® tuote-esite

    Aikon® tuote-esite

    Get to know hard coated polycarbonate and acrylic sheets and their advantages! Aikon® PC Hard and Aikon® PMMA Hard high-performance plastic sheets are coated in Finland.

    Download brochure

  • Contact requests

    Contact requests

    Send an email or contact sales directly in your area

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