Aikolon Oy

Aikolon Oy specialises in plastic materials and plastic machining. Our premises are located in Rusko, Oulu and Itä-Hakkila, Vantaa. In additional, our regional sales teams offer services in Turku, Kokkola, Jyväskylä and Tampere, and their surroundings.

We offer services in Finland, the other Nordic countries and the Baltic region. We offer the broadest range of plastic-machining services in Finland and an extensive range of plastic materials from the world's leading manufacturers. Our experience in the plastic sector spans four decades. We ensure the quality and continuous development of our operations with our ISO 9001-certified quality assurance system. Read more about what sustainability means for Aikolon.

Our customers include industrial device and machine manufacturers and operators in the construction and retail sectors. Our expertise in plastics covers the entire process, starting from product design. We can help select the right material and ideal machining methods for your application. Read what our customers have to say!

The Association for Finnish Work has granted Aikolon Oy the Key Flag symbol, which is awarded to products that have been manufactured and contribute to the creation of new jobs in Finland. To be granted this recognition, the product or service must be produced in Finland. A company that applies for the Key Flag for services must have significant Finnish ownership, its management must be based in Finland, and its head office must also be located in Finland.
Promoting well-being in Finland and the competitiveness of Finnish companies, buying Finnish services is a choice based on values.

Aikolon Oy, Oulu

Aikolon Oy is a Finnish family-run company that is expanding steadily.

Our company started operations in 1985, when it manufactured windscreens for snowmobiles. Over the years, we have expanded into the import and wholesale of plastic materials, plastic machining and design services. Our premises in Oulu house our head office and our main warehouse. Our Oulu-based production operations focus on mechanical machining, with versatile and partially automated CNC machinery. We use Finland’s most cutting-edge material warehousing system available in our field.

We make regular investments in the machinery we use, introducing the latest technology and automation into our operations. Through the development of technology and the expertise and well-being of our personnel, we strengthen our competitiveness and ensure that our customers have access to the best possible materials and the most efficient machining methods.

Aikolon Oy, Vantaa

Aikolon’s branch in Vantaa previously operated under the name Masterplast Oy.

The company was established in the capital region in 1988. To begin with, the company manufactured display products for the retail sector. Later, when its expertise and business grew, the company expanded into industrial subcontracting, which today accounts for the majority of its production operations.

Aikolon’s Vantaa branch offers all the company’s plastic materials and machining services to its customers based in Southern Finland. We have centralised our vacuum and thermoforming and acrylic operations in Vantaa. The Vantaa facility also houses a warehouse and several CNC machines.