Plastic materials in construction

In construction, the use of plastic as an alternative to traditional materials such as metal, wood and glass is increasing steadily.

Plastics bring unique benefits to some applications that no other material can offer. We supply plastic materials as sheets, bars and pipes, along with products machined using a variety of methods.

The strengths of plastic materials

  • lightness
  • suitability for machining
  • a pleasing and customisable appearance
  • ease of combining with other materials
  • resistance to weather and corrosion
  • resistance to chemicals
  • good resistance to wear


  • Clear roofing panels
  • Railings and glazing
  • Advertising signs
  • Illuminated advertising boards
  • Concrete moulds
  • Containers and pools
  • Furnishings
  • Ice hockey rinks
  • Kitchen walls
  • Trade fair stands
  • Noise barriers

The most commonly used plastics


We supply clear roofing panels made from impact-resistant polycarbonate (Polycasa SPC) in thicknesses of 6–32 mm. As for their other dimensions, the sheets are available in 2,100 × 6,000 mm. The standard colour is clear. Other colours are available to order. We also supply cut-to-size sheets. Our range includes the U and H profiles required in installation.

Our roofing panels are easy and quick to install. You can download a brochure and installation instructions here and request an offer from our sales team!

Common applications for clear roofing panels
  • Patio covers and pergolas
  • Greenhouses
  • Storage spaces and outbuildings
  • Pool enclosures
  • Advertising signs
  • Partitioning walls and impact shields
The most stand-out properties of clear roofing panels
  • resistance to impact
  • resistance to weather, including UV radiation and extreme temperatures (range: -40 °C to 130 °C)
  • good heat-shielding and soundproofing properties
  • lightness and easy installation
  • a 10-year warranty against yellowing
  • fire-safety
  • compliance with the EN 13501 standard


Plastic is an excellent material for concrete moulds. Most of our concrete moulds are made from polyethylene. We supply moulds in any shape specified by the customer.

Key benefits of plastic as a material for concrete moulds
  • a non-sticky surface
  • good resistance to wear
  • the mould being reusable
  • greater cost-efficiency, stemming from the mould’s reusability
Factors to be taken into account during design and use
  • the casting temperature and changes in it (plastic’s thermal expansion)
  • that thorough cleaning after each use prolongs the mould’s service life
  • surface quality requirements


We supply clear plastic materials from Europe’s leading manufacturers to cater for noise barrier needs. Over the past few decades, these sheets have been put to the test in numerous European countries, and they’ve passed with flying colours.

  • all of our materials being UV-resistant
  • high impact strength
  • the HARD materials being extremely resistant to scratching
  • bendability
  • good soundproofing properties
  • availability in various colours
Materials available


Durable products with excellent optical properties for manufacturers of sport and leisure equipment.

Modern sports facilities, such as ice hockey arenas, require a wide range of plastic solutions for a range of purposes. With flexible dasher boards gaining a stronger foothold in sports arena construction, stricter requirements are imposed for the robustness, safety and optical characteristics of protective shields.

Thanks to their lightness, resistance to corrosion and UV radiation and good strength values, plastics are an excellent choice for leisure and sports facilities.

The most commonly used materials

Foamed PE and PP sheets

We supply foamed PE and PP sheets manufactured by Simona AG. They are suitable for use in a wide range of applications, including use in ice hockey rinks and agricultural buildings, advertising banners and signs, equipment and machine parts and casings, containers and pools, coating solutions and insulation structures.

Download the manufacturer’s brochure here and request an offer from our sales team!

  • Ice hockey rinks
  • Agricultural buildings
  • Banners and advertising signs
  • Equipment and machine parts and casings
  • Containers and pools
  • Coating solutions
  • Insulation structures
  • suitability for machining
  • a light and rigid structure
  • good surface properties
  • UV-resistance (with foamed PE sheets)
  • easy cleaning