Our operations are guided by the principles of sustainable development

The need for measures for tackling climate change and other environmental problems is becoming increasingly pressing. Sustainable operations and protecting our environment are important to Aikolon.

We pay attention to environmental matters throughout our delivery chain:

  • We carry out regular audits to monitor the sustainability of our material suppliers.
  • In our own production, we invest in modern and efficient machinery and use optimisation programmes and plan our production to minimise waste.
  • Our environmentally friendly operations are also supported by our online shop, which sells leftover materials.

Leftover materials that we cannot use in our production are recycled for use by our collaboration partners.

We have taken our first substantial steps towards the ISO 14001 certificate, which will provide us with a functional framework for the restriction of environmental impacts and even clearer guidelines for environmentally sustainable operations. Our goal is to achieve this certification during 2020.