Personnel - a significant asset of our company

The cornerstone of Aikolon Oy's success is our personnel, and we pay special attention to their well-being.

We have created a motivating and safe work environment where our workforce is treated equally, respected, and provided with ample opportunities for professional development.

Our goals include fostering long-term employment relationships and having a committed staff. We ensure that our organizations have a sufficient number of skilled and trained personnel to implement activities that affect the environmental system and promote continuous improvement. Personnel needs are considered in our workforce planning.

Our aim is to promote efficiency through continuous operational development. We rely on strong leadership, which to us means open and confidential communication, values-based conduct, and clear direction setting. The well-being of our personnel is very important to us. Life changes can pose challenges, and we strive to support them in the best possible way. We are prepared to be flexible, negotiate, and show understanding.

1. Learning

Our products and production adapt to the needs of our customers. This means continuous learning for all of us, so that we can better and more efficiently meet the needs of our customers. We encourage our employees to learn and develop new ideas and ways of working. We succeed and sometimes fail, but we are not afraid of mistakes; we accept them as part of our evolving business.

Our goal is to ensure that every workday increases our knowledge. Training is an essential part of learning, allowing new employees to feel welcome and quickly transition to independent work.

2. Health and safety

The safety and well-being of our employees are of utmost importance to us. We are committed to a safe and ergonomic work environment in all areas. We regularly monitor accident rates and report them monthly. We analyze workplace accidents and near-miss incidents to learn from them. We continuously work to improve our employees' awareness of safety risks. We expect everyone to commit to continuous improvement and to act preventively regarding accidents and work-related illnesses.