Aikolon is there for its customers

All our operations are designed to help our customers and to ensure their success. For us, it is important to listen to our customers and to understand them, while ensuring that they have access to the best plastic and composite materials, our modern and competitive production services and the expertise offered by our qualified personnel.

We want to offer high-quality services that consist of:

  1. Friendly service
  2. Flexibility
  3. Excellent communications
  4. Solution-orientation
  5. Excellent customer experience

Good service is built on continuous development

We continuously develop our business to offer even better services to our customers. We regularly collect feedback and measure customer satisfaction. All feedback is processed and forwarded to the management. This enables us to keep up to date, ensuring that we develop our operations on the basis of customer preferences. NPS (Net Promoter Score) is an important indicator that we monitor regularly. Our target is to achieve an NPS of 60.

We carry out goal-oriented work so that we are worthy of our customers’ trust. In our experience, our customers appreciate the cornerstones of our operations.

1. Expertise

Expertise is built on experience and it must be maintained and developed in close collaboration with customers and through training offered to the personnel. We want to help our customers select the best possible materials and production methods to ensure the design of cost-efficient plastic components. We offer our customers the opportunity to broaden and update their knowledge of plastics through our plastic training. The training courses are always customised to our customers’ needs.

2. Delivery performance

This is the most important indicator of a company’s operations. We appreciate our customers’ work and time and therefore it is important to us to deliver the right products, at the right time. We want to offer a 100% delivery performance.

3. Quality

Good quality consists of several factors. These include excellent customer service, products and services, delivery performance and customer relationship management. We ensure the quality and continuous development of our operations with our ISO 9001-certified quality assurance system and LEAN management philosophy.