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Martti Hahtonen is the new CEO of Aikolon Oy

Martti Hahtonen will start as the new CEO of Aikolon Oy on July 1, 2022. He succeeds Aikolon Oy’s principal owner and long-term CEO Lasse Hahtonen in the position. Lasse Hahtonen continues as chairman of the company’s board.

Martti Hahtonen has already worked for the company for 17 years, most recently he was the Business Development Director of Aikolon Oy.

“Martti has strong experience in business life and a broad vision of our industry. He is well suited to lead our strategy and develop our business both in Finland and internationally”, says Lasse Hahtonen.

Aikolon is a pioneer in the plastics industry, whose new and unique production line fabricates e.g. vehicle glazing to which it is possible to integrate smart technologies.

“I am really grateful for the trust shown in me and excited that I will be able to lead the company to a new phase at an interesting time. The company has grown considerably under Lasse’s leaderships in recent years, and we have developed a culture of growth and continuous development. Now my task is to lead the company towards our vision of being the most desired partner in our industry in Finland and in the special vehicle industry in Europe. The customer is always at the core of our operations, and we will continue to focus on the best possible customer service and customer experience. We can achieve this with a customer-oriented corporate culture and investing in new technologies,” says Martti Hahtonen.

“As an entrepreneur, I have been able to manage and develop this family business for three decades. There are many memorable moments in this time. I would like to thank our employees, customers and all stakeholders with whom I have been able to work over the past years. Now is a natural moment to change the CEO. Martti will be a development-oriented CEO for Aikolon, Martti knows the house and its people as well as customers,” says Lasse Hahtonen.

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