Innojok’s experiences of Aikolon

Aikolon delivers various vacuum and thermoformed plastic parts, such as diffusers and lampshades, to the luminaire manufacturer Innojok.

In addition to the manufacturing and delivery of the parts, Aikolon can also assist with their design. Innojok appreciates the high quality offered by Aikolon and its excellent delivery performance, even when schedules are tight.

Many customers know Innojok and its luminaires by the company’s Innolux trademark. One of the best-known Innolux products is the iconic Lokki pendant luminaire, which is one of Finland’s most popular lighting fixtures.

"Our customers include hundreds of retailers across Finland and in a total of 20 countries", says Joel Klemetti, Innojok’s product development manager.

Valuable assistance in product development

A couple of years ago, Innojok introduced several new luminaires to its range simultaneously and arranged a bidding process to find a plastics component supplier. As a result of this process, Innojok selected Aikolon as its collaboration partner.

"Aikolon is our main supplier of vacuum and thermoformed plastic components. They supply many of our diffusers and lampshades. We have been extremely happy with the collaboration because quality is high and deliveries run to schedule," says Klemetti.

He adds: "With regard to product development, the collaboration has been seamless and straightforward. It is invaluable to have the option of calling a subcontractor at the early stages of design work to ask any questions you may have. You can find out what a structure you are designing would entail in terms of production."

Quick and reliable operations

Klemetti praises Aikolon for its quick deliveries in particular. As an example of this, he mentions the Habitare interior design fair in autumn 2018, where Innojok introduced several new products. A couple of weeks before the start of the fair, Innojok needed plastic parts for its new luminaires. Aikolon produced a mould and the required diffusers to an extremely tight schedule.

"Thanks to the quick action on Aikolon’s part, we could present good, almost production-ready items at the fair. They met our needs and delivered the components in time. The evening before the opening I was at the fair centre, putting the luminaires together, but we made it," explains Klemetti.

"Subcontractors like this are worth their weight in gold. For product development and customers alike, it is important to have subcontractors that offer excellent, high-quality delivery performance," Klemetti concludes.

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