Aikon® PMMA AR 3013/3023

Coated acrylic –

Aikon® PMMA AR 3013/3023

Aikon® PMMA AR 3013 and AR 3023 are clear hard coated extruded acrylic sheets. AR 3013 PMMA sheet is hard coated from one side and AR 3023 is hard coated from both sides with Momentive SilFORT PHC XH100P coating agent. By its nature, PMMA sheet is very resistant to UV-radiation as well as abrasion, which extends the service life in outdoor applications. The material also shows a very high light transmission value and optical quality without any distortions. Hard coating improves the resistance to UV radiation of PMMA sheets even further and at the same time giving the material a good resistance to chemicals.

Physical properties
  Value Unit Test method
Specific gravity 1,2 g/cm3 DIN EN ISO 1183
Average molecular mass N/A
Water absorption, 24/96 h (23 °C) 0,3 % DIN EN ISO 62
Weather-resistance good
Combustibility HB UL 94 DIN EN ISO 527-2
Food safety no
Mechanical properties
  Value Unit Test method
Modulus of elasticity 3300 MPa DIN EN ISO 527-2
Tensile strength 70 MPa DIN EN ISO 527-2
Elongation at break 4 % DIN EN ISO 527-2
Tensile strength at break N/A
Flexural modulus 3000 MPa DIN EN ISO 178
Flexural strength 104 MPa DIN EN ISO 178
Compressive modulus N/A
Compressive strength, 1%/2% N/A
Impact strength (Charpy) 15 kJ/m2 DIN EN ISO 179-1eU
Notch impact strength (Charpy) N/A
Notch impact strength (Izod) 1,5 kJ/m2 DIN EN ISO 180/2A
Toughness (ball pressure) N/A
Toughness (Shore D) N/A
Wear-resistance N/A
Coefficient of friction (against steel) N/A
Thermal properties
  Value Unit Test method
Glass-transition temperature N/A
Melting point N/A
Operating temperature (instantaneous) +90 °C
Operating temperature (continuous) +70 °C
Operating temperature (minimum) -40 °C
Thermal expansion coefficient, 23–60 °C 7 10-5 K-1 DIN EN ISO 11359-1;2
Thermal expansion coefficient, 23–100 °C 10-5 K-1 DIN EN ISO 11359-1;2
Specific heat capacity N/A
Thermal conductivity 0,19 W/(m×K) ISO 22007-4:2008
Electrical properties
  Value Unit Test method
Surface resistivity >1015 DIN IEC 60093
Resistivity N/A
Dielectric strength 20-25 kV/mm DIN EN 60243-1
CTI value N/A
Optical properties
  Value Unit Test method
Light transmittance 92 %
Refractive index 1,49
Optical errors DIN 52305/AS
Abrasion-resistance, 100 rotations with 500 g % haze ANSI Z26.1
Delivery selection PMMA sheets 2990 x 1990 mm, thickness 3-30 mm, up to 200 mm by request
Specific gravity 1,2 g/cm3
Service temperature -40 … +70 °C
Price category €€ (€8–25/kg)

Special properties

  • high abrasion and scratch resistance
  • resistance to weather and UV radiation
  • light transmittance of 92 %
  • good resistance to chemicals
  • good impact strength


health protection applications, garage door windows, displays, partition walls, shop fitting, furniture

Standard colours


Special colours

special colour available upon request

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