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Aikolon Oy's environmental management was awarded ISO 14001 certificate

Aikolon Oy has obtained ISO 14001 certification, a recognition of its commitment to environmental work and its promotion in the company's activities, covering the import, processing and sale of engineering plastics and the development of plastic products. In November, Aikolon's environmental management was assessed by an external expert and an audit of Aikolon's management system was carried out. The certificate was awarded in December 2023.

ISO 14001 is the world's most respected environmental management system and enables Aikolon to improve its environmental management and promote sustainable development systematically and purposefully. The certification is a guarantee for our customers of high-quality sustainable operations, while ensuring that our management practices and processes meet international requirements.

"Obtaining the certification is the result of our hard work and dedication to developing an environmentally friendly operating model. This achievement would not be possible without close collaboration and commitment to the principles of sustainable business. The ISO 14001 certification is not only a recognition of our current operations but also opens new opportunities for growth and development. It provides us with guidelines and support in today's business environment, where environmental responsibility plays an increasingly central role," says Tuomas Moilanen, Development Director of Aikolon.

Aikolon's goal is to systematically monitor and report on energy and fuel consumption, waste generation and disposal costs, as well as the purchase and sale of recycled plastic materials.

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Tuomas Moilanen
Development Director
phone 040 482 8262