Planmed’s experiences of Aikolon

Based in Herttoniemi in Helsinki, Planmed supplies products for mammography and 3D X-ray imaging.

Known for their good ergonomics, the company’s machines are designed in collaboration with a designer. Aikolon delivers vacuum and thermoformed plastic products to Planmed in a flexible manner on the basis of drawings or product-specific plans created together.

”We are part of Planmeca Group. While we have a large organisation behind us, we are a smaller and hopefully more agile operator,” says Juha Huttunen, Planmed’s director of production and sourcing.

Ergonomic and user-friendly devices

Planmed produces about 200 to 300 devices each year, approximately 98% of which are exported. According to Huttunen, the company’s annual turnover is about 15–16 million euros. Its imaging devices are technologically advanced as well as colourful and aesthetically pleasing.

”Our main stand-out feature is the design and ergonomic properties of our systems. They are user-friendly. Rather than the patient having to twist into a certain position for imaging, our devices adapt to the patient’s needs,” says Huttunen.

”Aikolon produces vacuum and thermoformed products for us. They also carry out some machining but primarily they make moulded plastic components for us,” explains Huttunen.

Flexible operations and strong expertise

According to Huttunen, Planmed’s product development adheres to a tried-and-tested process. As part of this, Planmed designs the product and sends the drawings to Aikolon, which then produces the components in line with the images. In the case of more complex products, the companies collaborate on the design work.

”We arrange a meeting with Aikolon’s representative to compare the properties offered by various materials and to discuss the qualities required by our solution. We work together to identify the optimal material,” explains Huttunen.

”I particularly appreciate Aikolon’s expertise in technical plastics and the materials they work with in general. Another characteristic I appreciate is their flexibility – we can always discuss matters with them and come to a solution. These are the two main things for us,” he concludes.

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This customer story was provided by an independent company information supplier Suomen Asiakaskokemukset Oy.

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