PP – Polypropylene


PP FOAM is produced via the foaming method, which decreases the material’s density, rendering it considerably lighter than standard PP-H plastic. The method has only a minor impact on the material’s rigidity. The product’s elastic modulus (1,100 MPa) indicates its resistance to being deformed elastically. The closed cell structure prevents absorption of water, making the material suitable for wet conditions. This temperature range for this material in use is 0 °C to 100 °C. Its surface is smooth and shiny. We deliver PP FOAM as plastic sheets.

Physical properties
  Value Unit Test method
Specific gravity 0.65 g/cm3 DIN EN ISO 1183
Average molecular mass N/A
Water absorption, 24/96 h (23 °C) N/A
Weather-resistance poor
Combustibility B2 UL 94 DIN EN ISO 527-2
Food safety yes
Mechanical properties
  Value Unit Test method
Modulus of elasticity 1100 MPa DIN EN ISO 527-2
Tensile strength 22 MPa DIN EN ISO 527-2
Elongation at break N/A
Tensile strength at break N/A
Flexural modulus 1200 MPa DIN EN ISO 178
Flexural strength N/A
Compressive modulus N/A
Compressive strength, 1%/2% N/A
Impact strength (Charpy) does not break kJ/m2 DIN EN ISO 179-1eU
Notch impact strength (Charpy) N/A
Notch impact strength (Izod) kJ/m2 DIN EN ISO 180/2A
Toughness (ball pressure) N/A
Toughness (Shore D) 71 Sh D DIN EN ISO 868
Wear-resistance N/A
Coefficient of friction (against steel) N/A
Thermal properties
  Value Unit Test method
Glass-transition temperature N/A
Melting point N/A
Operating temperature (instantaneous) +100 °C
Operating temperature (continuous) 100 °C
Operating temperature (minimum) °C
Thermal expansion coefficient, 23–60 °C N/A
Thermal expansion coefficient, 23–100 °C 16 10-5 K-1 DIN EN ISO 11359-1;2
Specific heat capacity N/A
Thermal conductivity N/A
Electrical properties
  Value Unit Test method
Surface resistivity N/A
Resistivity N/A
Dielectric strength N/A
CTI value N/A
Optical properties
  Value Unit Test method
Light transmittance N/A
Refractive index N/A
Optical errors N/A
Abrasion-resistance, 100 rotations with 500 g N/A

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Delivery selection plastic sheets
Specific gravity 0.65 g/cm3
Service temperature 0 … 100 °C
Price category € (€3–7/kg)

Special properties

  • lightness
  • surface quality
  • good rigidity
  • corrosion-free nature
  • ease of machining
  • food-grade product


protective plates, casings, light container structures, agriculture

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