PET – Polyethylene terephthalate


PET SL is a PET material containing an added solid lubricant. It has better wear‑resistance and a lower coefficient of friction than standard PET provides. It comes into its own in various uses for bearings.

Physical properties
  Value Unit Test method
Specific gravity 1.43 g/cm3 DIN EN ISO 1183
Average molecular mass N/A
Water absorption, 24/96 h (23 °C) 0.02/0.03 % DIN EN ISO 62
Weather-resistance poor
Combustibility HB UL 94 DIN EN ISO 527-2
Food safety yes
Mechanical properties
  Value Unit Test method
Modulus of elasticity 3,200 MPa DIN EN ISO 527-2
Tensile strength 78 MPa DIN EN ISO 527-2
Elongation at break 4 % DIN EN ISO 527-2
Tensile strength at break 6 % DIN EN ISO 527-2
Flexural modulus 3,300 MPa DIN EN ISO 178
Flexural strength 119 MPa DIN EN ISO 178
Compressive modulus 2,700 MPa EN ISO 604
Compressive strength, 1%/2% 21/38 MPa EN ISO 604
Impact strength (Charpy) 42 kJ/m2 DIN EN ISO 179-1eU
Notch impact strength (Charpy) N/A
Notch impact strength (Izod) kJ/m2 DIN EN ISO 180/2A
Toughness (ball pressure) 183 MPa ISO 2039-1
Toughness (Shore D) N/A
Wear-resistance N/A
Coefficient of friction (against steel) N/A
Thermal properties
  Value Unit Test method
Glass-transition temperature 82 °C DIN 53765
Melting point 249 °C DIN 53765
Operating temperature (instantaneous) +170 °C
Operating temperature (continuous) 110 °C
Operating temperature (minimum) N/A
Thermal expansion coefficient, 23–60 °C 8 10-5 K-1 DIN EN ISO 11359-1;2
Thermal expansion coefficient, 23–100 °C 10 10-5 K-1 DIN EN ISO 11359-1;2
Specific heat capacity 1.1 J/(g×K) ISO 22007-4:2008
Thermal conductivity 0.3 W/(m×K) ISO 22007-4:2008
Electrical properties
  Value Unit Test method
Surface resistivity 1014 DIN IEC 60093
Resistivity 1014 Ω×cm DIN IEC 60093
Dielectric strength N/A
CTI value N/A
Optical properties
  Value Unit Test method
Light transmittance N/A
Refractive index N/A
Optical errors N/A
Abrasion-resistance, 100 rotations with 500 g N/A

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Delivery selection sheets, bars
Specific gravity 1.43 g/cm3
Service temperature N/A … 110 °C
Price category €€ (€8–25/kg)

Special properties

  • good mechanical strength, rigidity, and hardness
  • extremely high creep-resistance
  • extremely low coefficient of friction
  • excellent wear-resistance
  • good chemical-resistance
  • suitability for the food industry
  • excellent electrical insulation properties


slide bearings, slide surfaces, conveyor systems

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