PA 6.6

PA – Polyamide

PA 6.6

PA 6.6 has better heat resistance and tensile strength than PA 6a. The material’s other qualities include better resistance to fuels, oils, most organic solvents and alkaloids. It has lower water absorption than PA 6. We deliver PA 6.6 as plastic sheets, tubes and rods.

Physical properties
  Value Unit Test method
Specific gravity 1.15 g/cm3 DIN EN ISO 1183
Average molecular mass N/A
Water absorption, 24/96 h (23 °C) 0.2/0.4 % DIN EN ISO 62
Weather-resistance poor
Combustibility HB UL 94 DIN EN ISO 527-2
Food safety yes
Mechanical properties
  Value Unit Test method
Modulus of elasticity 3500 MPa DIN EN ISO 527-2
Tensile strength 85 MPa DIN EN ISO 527-2
Elongation at break 7 % DIN EN ISO 527-2
Tensile strength at break 70 % DIN EN ISO 527-2
Flexural modulus 3100 MPa DIN EN ISO 178
Flexural strength 110 MPa DIN EN ISO 178
Compressive modulus 2700 MPa EN ISO 604
Compressive strength, 1%/2% 20/35 MPa EN ISO 604
Impact strength (Charpy) does not break kJ/m2 DIN EN ISO 179-1eU
Notch impact strength (Charpy) 5 kJ/m2 DIN EN ISO 179-1eA
Notch impact strength (Izod) kJ/m2 DIN EN ISO 180/2A
Toughness (ball pressure) 175 MPa ISO 2039-1
Toughness (Shore D) N/A
Wear-resistance N/A
Coefficient of friction (against steel) N/A
Thermal properties
  Value Unit Test method
Glass-transition temperature 47 °C DIN 53765
Melting point 258 °C DIN 53765
Operating temperature (instantaneous) +170 °C
Operating temperature (continuous) 100 °C
Operating temperature (minimum) N/A
Thermal expansion coefficient, 23–60 °C 11 10-5 K-1 DIN EN ISO 11359-1;2
Thermal expansion coefficient, 23–100 °C 12 10-5 K-1 DIN EN ISO 11359-1;2
Specific heat capacity 1.5 J/(g×K) ISO 22007-4:2008
Thermal conductivity 0.36 W/(m×K) ISO 22007-4:2008
Electrical properties
  Value Unit Test method
Surface resistivity 1014 DIN IEC 60093
Resistivity 1014 Ω×cm DIN IEC 60093
Dielectric strength N/A
CTI value N/A
Optical properties
  Value Unit Test method
Light transmittance N/A
Refractive index N/A
Optical errors N/A
Abrasion-resistance, 100 rotations with 500 g N/A

Additional downloads

Delivery selection sheets, bars, pipes
Specific gravity 1.15 g/cm3
Service temperature N/A … 100 °C
Price category €€ (€8–25/kg)

Special properties

  • better than average heat-resistance
  • high tensile strength at break
  • the hardest and most rigid of the extruded polyamides
  • good electrical insulation properties
  • good resistance to many oils, greases, and fuels


bearings, cogs, slide rails, clutches

Standard colours

natural, black

Premade pieces


Commonly known brands

CENTROMID® 6.6, Ertalon® 66 SA, GEHR PA 6.6®, SUSTAMID® 66, TECAMID® 66, ZELLAMID® 250