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Task Changes in the Oulu Unit

Kreeta Pellikka has returned to work from her study leave and now serves as a Production Engineer at Aikolon. In her role, she is responsible for ensuring that production runs efficiently and as planned. Her responsibilities include handling order lines, scheduling them into the production plan, and optimizing production in line with principles of minimizing material consumption and setup times. Additionally, she coordinates material management between the production units in Oulu. The production engineer also handles and coordinates production deviations, ensuring that the production process stays on schedule and maintains quality. Her tasks also involve scheduling production for inventory-controlled products, reporting post-calculation results, and monitoring inventory values. She reports to the Oulu Production Manager in her role.

Kreeta has a long work history at Aikolon, having worked as a Production Supervisor for nine years. She holds a degree in AMK mechanical engineering and is currently completing her Master of Science in Engineering with a specialization in production technology and a minor in industrial management.

"After my study leave, it has been enjoyable to take on new challenges in a familiar work environment. In my new role, I've been able to apply the knowledge gained from my studies more broadly and challenge myself in new ways," says Kreeta.

Overall, the role of a Production Engineer is to ensure that production operates optimally and efficiently, meeting the company's needs concerning product scheduling, costs, and quality.

Lauri Ailinpieti is transitioning to a new role as a Project Manager. In his position, he is responsible for planning product development and development projects in collaboration with the project steering group. Additionally, he is responsible for project implementation and monitoring, schedule management, budget tracking, procurement for the project, and ensuring quality. He reports to the development manager or the steering group in his role.

Lauri has worked as a Development Engineer at Aikolon for 2.5 years and previously as a Design Engineer at Lujateko Oy. He holds an AMK degree in mechanical engineering.

"The role provides an opportunity to achieve great things together, bringing together the knowledge and strengths of various stakeholders. We eagerly move forward towards new projects and challenges," comments Lauri.

In summary, the role of a Project Manager is to ensure that projects progress smoothly, stay within budget, and meet quality requirements. The Project Manager serves as a central link between various project stakeholders and is responsible for the project's success.

"Lauri moved to this role from the same position where I originally started, with a slightly different job description. This position is a hub for the company, where communication with different stakeholders takes place, and this supports Lauri's success in his new role as a Project Manager. His expertise is highly welcomed in the team, and we gain the necessary skills for advancing our projects," says Development Manager Tuomas Moilanen.

Congratulations and best of luck to both of you in your new roles!