| Uutinen

Changes in the Oulu Development and Production Team

Olli Niemelä started as a Method Designer at Aikolon in March. The primary task of a Method Designer is to plan efficient manufacturing processes for new items. He works closely with Product Managers, Sales, Production Management, and Procurement. The Method Designer's responsibility is to find the most efficient manufacturing method and proactively advance the manufacturability calculation process. He designs manufacturing methods, calculates machine times, and reports this information to Sales and, if necessary, to Product Managers. He also prepares manufacturability reports or instructions for production methods (excluding Aikon products).

Olli holds a degree in Mechanical and Production Engineering. Previously, he worked as a Production Manager in a fiberglass manufacturing company and as a Technical Salesperson for industrial maintenance products, mainly focusing on hydraulics and pneumatics. Additionally, he has experience as a Mechanical Designer in a company that produced pipe processing machines.

"It has been very easy to join Aikolon. My colleagues have been welcoming and friendly. I enjoy my work, and if I ever need help with anything, I can always count on getting it," commented Olli about his early days at Aikolon.

Tatu Koskinen started as an Operator in March. The Operator's tasks include hard coating plastic sheets on both automatic and manual coating lines, as well as further processing plastics using various molding methods and technologies. Additionally, the job responsibilities involve product development for plastic products incorporating new technologies.

Tatu has prior work experience in machine operation, agriculture, and the metal industry. He also has over ten years of experience with Aikolon. Tatu transitioned to his new role from a Method Designer position, but his career began in 2012 as a Machinist before he moved on to become a Designer a few years later.

"Olli's early journey as a Method Designer has started positively, thanks to the great support provided during the onboarding. It's crucial to fully involve a new member from the beginning. Utilizing expertise in the right place benefits both the employee and the company, and that's what we aim for at Aikolon.

Tatu's experience in working with plastics and molding strengthens the production team of operators. His professional approach to maintaining and servicing production lines is exactly the kind of expertise we needed for efficient line operation right after the trial runs. The start has been very promising, and the position change seems to have been highly successful," says Development Director Tuomas Moilanen.

Congratulations and best of luck to both in their new roles!